RV Safety and Maintenance Checklists

RV Safety and Maintenance Checklists

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You’re ready to embark on your long-awaited vacation. Everyone’s excited, scurrying around, loading supplies, gear, and essentials into the RV. You’re looking forward to getting on the road, but be careful to make time for the single most important thing you need to do before you leave. That one thing is doing a complete safety check of your RV.

Not only should you do a safety check before you go, you should stop every couple hours and do a walk-around check of hitches, tires, brakes and anything that can cause an accident or damage while you are traveling.

The question is, “What needs to be checked” And the answer is easily found in one of the many checklists that are available to RVers and campers. These checklists can be lengthy, but doing safety checks becomes a habit, and they do go more quickly than the length of the list might suggest.

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