3 Quick Tips For A Good Night Sleep On Your RV!

January 4, 2024

One of the most important and overlooked aspects of American life is sleep.  Experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep each night for adults.  According to the CDC, 1in 3 adults in the USA reported not getting enough sleep or rest everyday.  Drowsy driving is one of the most overlooked dangers on our roadways.  It’s estimated that as many as 1,550 deaths on our roadways are caused by drowsy drivers.  In addition, other long term related health issues such as diabetes & heart disease are associated with chronic lack of sleep.  Simply stated, sleep is an important human function that is needed for optimal human health.

We have found that while traveling there are some things we do that have helped us get enough sleep while on the road.  Below are 3 tips we recommend to get a good night’s sleep!

1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise — The human body was not made to sit all day, In fact, it thrives on being used.  The health benefits of regular moderate to rigorous exercise are well documented.  Did you know 30 minutes or more a day of moderate aerobic exercise has been shown to aid in falling asleep faster and to improve sleep quality?  This is a free and simple aid to better sleep, better health and a slimmer waistline.

2.  Black out shades and white noise — Most RV’s are equipped with “day” and “night”shades.  Use them at night to block out any light that may come in.  Also, a white noise machine or app on your phone can help block out any exterior noise that may keep you up at night.

3.  Invest in a good mattress — If you own an RV, you know most mattresses from the factory are terrible.  They are cheap and may not provide the proper firmness or feel that you want for a good night’s sleep.  The only thing that is worse than a bad night’s sleep is waking up in pain after a bad night of sleep.

Since sleep is so important to us, we replaced the factory mattress in our motorhome with a Dreamfoam Essential Mattress from RVmattress.com.  This mattress was an exact fit replacement to our factory mattress but far superior in quality and comfort.  The great thing about RVmattress.com is they make RV specific mattresses and have all different types of mattresses to fit your size, comfort requirements and budget.  We have had our Dreamfoam mattress for 2 years now and it has allowed us to get a good night’s sleep while on the road!

We also offer a 25% discount code “Endless” that can be used for a mattress purchase at rvmattress.com/endless

Take the mattress size quiz to find your perfect mattress 👉 https://rvmattress.com/blog/rv-mattress-sizes-guide

We hope these tips will help you dream and rest well for many hours on your RV.  For us, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of living and enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Safe travels!

2023 Hershey RV Show Meet-Up Schedule!

September 8, 2023

The 2023 Hershey RV Show is right around the corner.  This is one of the largest RV shows in America!  We have been attending this show since 2018 and we are excited to meet everyone while taking in all the new 2024 models!  For tips on how to navigate the show see the video down below.  We are happy to be doing 3 meet-ups this year which will be on the following dates and locations:

  • Friday September 15th 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm @ Battle Born Booth #539

  • Saturday September 16th  10:00 am — 12:00 pm @ #567

  • Saturday September 16th 1:00 pm — 3:00 pm #Inside The Giant Center Behind Info Desk (Great Giveaways)

We are looking forward to this show and everything it has to offer!



April 1, 2023

April is here and we are officially kicking off the RV season with a 1,000 mile round RV road trip. As you may know, Jason is in his junior year of high school and we are hitting the road touring several colleges on the east coast. This road trip in particular will take us to Lynchburg, VA for an extended stay and campus visit. While here we will vlog, bring you a campground tour and whatever else may happen on the road. Stay tuned for videos to follow. Below are some steps we took prior to departure to make sure Nelli was road-worthy.

  • Tested all systems in the RV to make sure they work and are functioning correctly.

  • De-winterized the fresh water system.

  • Took Nelli out on the road locally for a 50 mile trip to make sure she was running properly.

  • Adjusted tire air pressure and tow vehicle pressure as well as tested out TPMS system.

  • Visually inspected the roof and body for any potential seal leaks.

  • Topped off our propane tank.

  • Made sure our internet was up and running.

  • Verified our onboard equipment was what we needed to hit the road and stay at campgrounds.

This is the start of a very busy ERV road trip season. Our travels will take us to VA, NJ, PA,VT, NY, OH, KY, TN & MA. We look forward to getting back on the road and bringing you great content. Stay tuned for more to come!


Important RV Pre-season Checklist!

March 1, 2023

The RV season is here for many of us and we are all eager to get back out on the road. It is critical to conduct pre-season checks of your RV. It not only can save you headaches before your first trip, it may also save you a lot of time and money. We always suggest a “shakedown” trip to start your season. Camp somewhere that is close to home and check out all your systems. It is much easier to fix your RV near your home base vs. hundreds of miles from home. Below are the minimum pre-season checks you should conduct before you hit the road:

  • Tires. Check your tires for damage, wear, proper inflation and age.

  • Exterior lights. Make sure they are all functioning properly.

  • General chassis overlook (DIY or by a tech.) Does everything look proper? Anything out of the ordinary?

  • Check all your seals to include roof and body. Repair or replace if necessary.

  • Run all systems including HVAC, Water, Electric, Propane. Does everything work? Check for any water leaks (this can be done with a simple air pressure leak test.)

  • Run all slides to make sure they are working properly.

  • Take inventory of items on board. Keep what will you use and purge out anything that was not used last season.

  • Run your generator if equipped to make sure all systems are working.

  • Check and test safety equipment (fire extinguishers, smoke and CO detectors, propane leak detector, etc.)

  • If you have a motorhome, it would be a good idea to take it out for a ride and on the highway if possible. Does everything feel ok?

  • Clean your RV (bays, body, interior, furnace etc.) Not only does a clean RV last longer, but cleaning your RV forces you to look in areas you do not always see and you may notice something that needs to be addressed.

These are just a few simple pre-season checks you can do to make your RV season fun and memorable.




Why RVing In The Winter May Be A Terrible Idea!

January 1, 2023

Now that winter is in full swing and cold weather is a reality for much of the United States, many people are curious about RVing in the winter and more specifically the cold weather. Although the thought of RVing in an arctic outdoor adventure may sound appealing for some, there are a lot of things to consider when RVing in the cold of winter. Below we list a few reasons why RVing in the winter may be a terrible idea!

  • Most RV’s are not made to be used in the extreme cold of the winter. The lack of insulation as well draftiness on many RV’s makes them energy hogs in the winter.

  • Driving an RV in wintry/snowy conditions is not only challenging but can be dangerous. Many motorhomes are rear wheel drive and not designed to handle adverse road conditions.

  • Salt used to treat roadways can be extremely damaging and corrosive to RV frames and components. To put it simply many RV’s lack the anti-corrosive treatments seen on passenger vehicles.

  • Ice and snow can damage slides and slide seals. This can lead to expensive and frustrating repairs.

Of course the best way to remedy everything listed above is to head south for the winter. Many RV’ers migrate to FL, TX, AZ to ride out the cold weather in a milder climate. In fact, we bought a lot at Myakka River MotorCoach Resort to do just that.

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2023 Tampa RV Show -- Tips, Discounts and Easy Ways To Save Money!

December 1, 2022

The 2023 Tampa is just a few weeks away and we are looking forward to attending. Not only is this an opportunity for us to escape the cold of the Northeast but it also allows to see what is the latest the RV industry has to offer. This is our 4th visit to the Tampa show and we always get excited to attend. The mix of entertainment, warm weather and RV’s keeps us coming back every year. The show also gives us the opportunity to meet our viewers and subscribers which is not something we get to do often. We posted a video of what to expect at the Tampa show but to recap here are a few important things to remember:

  • Be prepared to walk as the show is very large with many RV’s to see.

  • Weather is not predictable. It may be cold one day and hot the next so dress accordingly.

  • Expect crowds. You can avoid the largest crowds by visiting the show on weekdays and after 3 pm.

  • We will be hosting 2 meetups:

Thursday January 19 Liquid Spring Booth (A171 & A172) 1pm- 2pm

Friday January 20 Battle Born Batteries Booth (A68-A69) 1pm- 2pm

We are looking forward to producing great content from the show and meeting all of you who attend the show!

“Everything You Need To Know About

The 2023 Tampa RV Show”


2022 Hershey RV Show Recap -- Sales Are Normalizing!

October 1, 2022

We just wrapped up coverage of the 2022 Hershey RV Show which was held on September 14-18th. We also had the opportunity to attend dealer and industry day and here is a brief summary of what we saw during the show:

  • The weather for the show was perfect. The best of any RV show we have ever attended. Low 70’s – 80’s and sunny everyday.

  • Attendance was down. We not only saw smaller crowds, but also noticeably fewer cars in the lot and far less RV’s in the dry camping lot. Official numbers for total attendance according to PRVCA were 49,112 in 2022 vs 61,320 in 2021 in 55,639.

  • Salesmen were eager to sell RV’s and were working hard to make sales. This was very different from 2021 when RV’s were much easier to sell and in high demand.

  • RV inventory was at higher levels with many units marked as “available for immediate delivery.”

  • We talked to several dealers and manufacture reps who told us sales were down vs 2021.

  • RV MSRP prices were very high vs 2019/2021. Even though show discounts were higher than 2021, most sale prices were still very high.

  • We did not see much new innovation or radical floor plan changes in the RV’s for new model years.


We really enjoyed meeting many of our subscribers and brand partners. We enjoyed seeing all the RV Industry has to offer. We look forward to the 2023 Tampa RV show and the state of the RV Industry heading into 2023.

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September 12, 2022

We recently traveled to Pocono Raceway for NASCAR weekend. This was our 2nd NASCAR event and just like the last one it was a blast. To make the weekend even better we camped on the infield and were joined by Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews as well as Wil & Jen. Needless to say the weekend was full of laughs and racing excitement. If you have never RV camped at a NASCAR event, it is something you need to do at least once. The energy from the crowds as well as the cars blasting around the track at 190 mph cannot be replicated at any campground! Here are some tips for infield camping at a NASCAR event.

  • Most sites are dry although most do have water and dump service at an extra cost

  • If you choose to infield camp you can arrive usually 1-2 days prior to the races beginning and can check out the day after the final race ends.

  • It would be advised to come to the track with your RV fully stocked for the days you plan on staying (Full tank of fuel, water, food, clothes, etc)

  • Bring ear protection as the cars are extremely loud!

  • Tracks are large. An Ebike or Escooter are perfect for getting around the many events that happen on the infield.

  • Infield camping at NASCAR is a party. Expect a party-like atmosphere.

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

We want to give a special thanks to Joe Graf Jr (Driver of the 07 Car NASCAR Xfinity Series) and Joe Graf Sr. for once again making this an awesome race weekend. We also want to thank Poconos Raceway for hosting us and thanks to Matt’s RV Reviews for joining us for race weekend!

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Our NASCAR Weekend**


Quick And Easy RV Breakfast Recipe For Those Hot Summer Mornings

July 18, 2022

The summer is here and with it comes the summer heat. We like to keep it cool when out on the road and have a go to breakfast that we simply love. Simple to make in 10 minutes with just a few wholesome ingredients will have you feeling supercharged and satisfied in the morning. You may even notice your waistline getting a little smaller!

PB&J Overnight Oats

Ingredients Needed:

1 cup of Rolled Oats

1 cup of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds

1/2 tablespoon of Maple Syrup

2 tablespoons of All Natural Peanut Butter

1 tablespoon of Jelly Or Preserves

Mix the rolled oats, almond milk, chia seeds, maple syrup and peanut butter in a bowl or container. Once mixed put into fridge for 3-24 hours. Remove from fridge and mix in a little more almond milk for better consistency. Mix in the Jelly or Preserves and enjoy.

For an added bonus, top with some cinnamon and fresh blueberries.

This is one of our go to breakfast and snack meals and it is very filling but packed with fiber and nutrients.


What Do We Eat When We RV Travel. Check Out Below!

What Is An RV Shake Down Trip & Why Is It So Important?

May 19, 2022

The RV season is in full swing now and for many that means hitting the road traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles from home. We have been RV’ing as part-timers for 5 years now and have learned a few things along the way. One thing we know for sure, RV’s BREAK and often they break at the crappiest time! So ask yourself, would you rather have an issue with your RV hundreds of miles from home or close to home where you have the ability and resources to diagnose and fix your RV’s problem. This is why RV “shakedown” trips are so important. Simply, a “shakedown trip” is one where the trip is focused on making sure your RV is road worthy. Here are tips to get the most out of your RV shakedown trip:

  • Plan ahead. What systems do you want to check on your shakedown trip? We suggest at minimum check HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof and sidewall seals, house battery condition as well as major chassis maintenance components for motorized RV’s.

  • Have a checklist of RV systems you want to inspect.

  • Your shakedown trip should be relatively close to your home base so you can address any problems you find.

  • Perform your shakedown trip well before your Epic Road Trip. For example if your have a Disney road trip planned for May we would suggest doing at least one shakedown trip in March. This should give you ample time to fix most issues you could find during the shakedown trip.

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Our 1st 2022 Shakedown Trip**

Tips For Purchasing An RV Lot

April 4, 2022

After much thought and consideration, we purchased our first RV property at beautiful Myakka River Motorcoach Resort located in Port Charlotte, FL. After our purchase we received many questions from viewers and subscribers regarding the process of purchase and tips for purchase. In this article we are going to cover some things you should consider when purchasing an RV property.

  • Location is critical as noise was a factor in many resorts we visited. Being close to amenities, such as stores and major highways for example, is important for many. Location is also important for those who may want to rent their lot as those looking to snowbird have certain preferences for where they like to stay and Southwest Florida is an extremely desirable location. Another factor to consider is amenities. Do you have dogs and if so, are they certain breeds as many resorts have breed restrictions? Do you like a motorcoach-only property or do you like having a resort with all RV’s allowed? Do you want multiple pools? Are activities high on your list of must haves? Every resort is different so thoroughly checking into the offerings of each resort is highly recommended.

  • HOA costs and what they cover. A critical factor also is the health of the HOA. You can and should inquire about HOA financials before purchasing. Have they filed tax returns each year? Is the reserve account fully funded? What is the current delinquency rate? Are major repairs required at the resort/property or forecasted expenditures that would require additional contributions from HOA members?

  • Rental appeal may be important if the property won’t be utilized by the owner full time. Inquiring to the resort which spots may be more popular with renters than others can help with future rentability. For example, certain spots may not face the sun at sunset while others may and therefore, be more appealing to buyers. Are rentals done by owner or through the HOA? What are rental rates/HOA fees for rental?

  • Are you buying so you have a place to stay full time? Are you purchasing strictly as an investment property? Do you plan to stay on the property part time and rent it out the remainder of the time? What is involved in building on the lot? We plan on building a casita on our property as we get closer to retirement. Putting a casita on the property now would require us to be responsible for the landscaping of the property. If no casita is present, landscaping is taken care of by the resort, so these are important questions to ask when in the process of shopping and eventually purchasing.

  • Finally, cost must be a big consideration. First, can you afford the down payment? HOA fees in some places can be very costly, so taking that into account along with the price of the property is critical. If you will be renting the property, are you able to sustain the mortgage if no rental income is coming in? It is never guaranteed that the property will be rented, so knowing that you can afford the payments each month, along with the HOA fees, without having anyone rent the property is something to strongly consider.

Purchasing an RV property can be a big undertaking. However, it can also be one of the most exciting and exhilarating times. We view our lot as an investment, but also as a safe haven and a place we will be able to enjoy retirement as we have always imagined. We see Myakka River Motorcoach Resort as our future home where we won’t have to endure the cold New Jersey winters. We will be able to travel and come back to our little slice of heaven in Port Charlotte, Florida and that time can’t come soon enough!




What Are The Latest RV Trends For 2022?

March 24, 2022

We just wrapped up our 3rd Tampa RV Super Show and it was a blast. Over 1,500 RV’s on display at one location can be overwhelming at times, but it gave us the opportunity to see the latest and greatest offerings the RV industry has to offer. We did take note of a few trends that we saw RV manufacturers adapting for 2022. Let’s briefly touch on some of those trends.

  • Overland and Class B markets are hot! This was the most offerings in this category we had seen from RV manufacturers. Tiffin, Coachman, American Eagle, Jayco, Entegra all had models in the Class B category. Smaller companies like Grech, Storyteller, Ember & Black Series are also bringing innovative models from customers who are demanding the ability to take their RV adventures off-road and off the grid.

  • Motorhome manufacturers are trending toward making their units look and feel like a residential home interior. Many of these manufacturers are utilizing home interior decorators to help design motorhome interiors. REV group in particular is producing amazing interior designs in their Fleetwood and American Eagle motorhomes.

  • There is a push to electrification of trailers and smaller motorized units. Both Winnebago and Airstream debuted all electric versions of their products. The Winnebago E-RV Class B van offers 125 miles of range in this all electric camping van. Airstream’s eStream all electric trailer allows users to park their eStream with a remote eliminating the need to have to back in an RV trailer into a camping spot. Although both models are only “concepts” at this time, it appears that electrification will continue to be integrated into future RV’s

We love new ideas and technology and can’t wait to see what RV manufacturers bring to customers in the future.


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March 8, 2022

For many RV owners camping in the winter is not an option or priority. We, like many, fit into the category of “seasonal RV’ers.” With spring right at our doorstep, what steps should RV owners be taking to get ready for the new RV season? Although there are many things we do to prepare for the RV season, we are going to share critically important items we check on our RV before the start of the camping season.

  • Overall safety inspection of our RV to include: propane leak test, all fluids are topped off and/or changed, all safety equipment is up to date and functioning, inspection of tires for signs of damage/wear, inspection of all exterior lights, wipers, horn, etc.

  • Inspection of all seals, sidewalls, and front and rear caps for signs of wear and/or damage and repair if necessary. Inspection of water systems for leaks and function. Inspection of HVAC system for proper function, inspection of electrical system for proper function (including battery function) and inspection of all appliances for proper function.

  • Cleaning of RV exterior and interior, including exterior coating of wax. Cleaning of AC condenser coils, AC filters, furnace vents and furnace.

We make sure to keep up with routine maintenance on our RV chassis as well as “house” portion of our RV. We have found by keeping consistent with RV maintenance we have been able to enjoy our time on the road!


July 28, 2021

We have entered the 3rd season with our 2019 Newmar Baystar (affectionally known as Nelli.) During this time, we have traveled thousands of miles and visited areas throughout the east coast.

While we do love driving Nelli, it is well known gas motorhomes on the Ford F53 chassis have poor handling characteristics.  In fact, at times they can be nerve racking and scary to drive.  In order to address these handling issues, we upgraded Nelli’s suspension with the typical bolt on upgrades (sumo springs, rear trac bar, sway bar, etc) and although they helped, the ride was always missing something.

In January 2021, we traveled to the Tampa RV Supershow and met with Wayne Wells from Liquid Spring.  Liquid Spring is an aftermarket suspension company that specialized in compressible fluid smart suspension systems.  They make these suspension systems for ambulances, buses, work trucks and now RV’s.  While at the Supershow we had the opportunity to drive a Fleetwood Southwind which was outfitted with a Liquid Spring 4 corner suspension.

We were amazed at how well the motorhome drove, it was better than high end production diesel motorhomes we had driven in the past. We were sold.

In April 2021, we traveled to Lafayette, Indiana to have our Liquid Spring Smart Suspension installed.  While there, we met with the team from Liquid Spring which included the owner Dean Bartolone.  The whole process took 5 days and we were kept updated daily during the whole process.  We also had the opportunity to tour the factory where Liquid Spring Smart Suspension is made.  This is a relatively small company who’s employees take great pride in what they create. There is no doubt the system is built to last.  After our suspension was installed we traveled back over 800 miles to New Jersey.  The comfort and confidence Liquid Spring gives a motorhome driver cannot be fairly put into words.  It is simply outstanding.   We are in total control of the coach and it handles like my 2017 Ram Rebel.  It’s truly an amazing technology and we are looking forward to many more years and miles with Nelli.

If you want more information about Liquid Spring Smart Suspension and what it can do for your motorhome, contact Wayne Wells at 503-709-8901.  We would also encourage you to test drive a Liquid Spring Demo Vehicle and experience the system for yourself.  Finally check out the video below to see the installation and review of Liquid Spring on our motorhome.

Happy Travels and we hope to see you on the road.

The 2021 TAMPA RV SuperShow!

January 30, 2021

A highlight of our YouTube channel (and pretty much our lives as RV lovers) is attending as many RV shows as we possibly can. What is better than being around hundreds and hundreds of RV’s in one place with days to walk around and check them all out? We love seeing the new models, the new innovations taking place, meeting other passionate RV’ers, and the list goes on!

We arrived in Tampa on January 9, 2021 and had some days to kill before the show started on January 13. We spent a few hours at Lazy Days in Tampa, which was one of the most beautiful RV dealerships we’ve ever been to thus far. The place was enormous and the amount of RV’s and service bays they had there was astronomical! We saw some beautiful coaches, including Tiffins, Entegras, and took some video of a beautiful Entegra Anthem, which we absolutely loved (it is oh, so tempting to see these gorgeous DP’s!).

Another day, we spent with our good friend, Matt of Matt’s RV Reviews and had the opportunity to check out General RV in Ocala and shoot some video there, as well. Although it wasn’t ridiculously warm like the previous year, it was warm enough and being out in the sun was just what the doctor ordered. We took a day and went to Siesta Key and walked on the beach for a while. Siesta Key Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever been on, beating out many Caribbean beaches. The warm sun, salt air and the white sand was truly amazing and gave us the break we needed from our cold NJ winter! We didn’t want to leave that day, but work called!

At the Tampa RV Show, we quickly got to work. We saw hundreds of different trailers, fifth wheels, Class A’s, B’s, C’s, and Super C’s and enjoyed them all! We took approximately 20 videos while we were there but also put aside some time to just enjoy and go on RV’s just for the sake of enjoyment without a camera. It was so nice to see how RV’s are changing and how innovative many manufacturers are becoming with their products. They are certainly keeping up with the times and making RV’s that are more like home.

We absolutely love the Tampa RV SuperShow and because of its size, entertaining atmosphere, weather, and amazing RV’s, we will surely be attending the show every year. If you have not attended this show, you must put it on your list as it’s certainly not one you want to miss. We hope to see you next year!


October 11, 2020

“The Crossroads of America”

Every year in September, we anxiously await for the day we leave to go to the Hershey RV Show to take in all the new RV’s, see some older ones, meet new people, and simply enjoy the wonderful community of which we are a part. Well, thanks to COVID-19, this year required a change of plans. With the Hershey RV Show being cancelled, we thought about where we could go to still enjoy the world of RV’s, relax, and have some fun. Where else but RV country – INDIANA!!

Through a mutual friend, we became friends last year with Theodore Hochstetler, who is the grandson of Mahlon Miller, the former owner and pioneer of Newmar. He told us his door was always open and we were free to moochdock at his family’s home anytime we were in the area so we decided to take him up on the offer. Suddenly, the cancellation of Hershey didn’t seem like such a bad event after all! We headed out to Indiana and spent one night boondocking at a Cracker Barrel in Pennsylvania, which we always love! It’s always fun being “off the grid” for a night or two and it’s much easier to just pull away in the morning. Once we arrived to Indiana, Theodore met us and showed us where we would be staying, which was a clean and flat spot right outside their home. The views out the back window were of the lush corn fields, which we did our morning run around one day.

Theodore and his family were some of the most gracious people we have ever encountered. We had the most delicious lunch prepared for us one day during our stay, with some amazing vegan options for us. On another day, we were lucky enough to share a lunch at the local café (Newmar family owned) with the extended family, including Mahlon Miller, who was such an entertaining and down-to-earth man who truly welcomed us like we were part of the family.

Along with the wonderful people we met in the Miller family, we had some other amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences as well. We had the opportunity to tour and get up and close and personal with some of the RV’s of the Miller and Hochstetler families, including the 1996 London Aire, the 2018 Dutch Star (Mahlon Miller’s personal coach), 2007 London Aire (Theodore’s father’s coach) and more. Each one of those has special characteristics which make them each a one of a kind unit and we were beyond grateful to be able to see and video them.

Another stop on our vacation included a full and private tour of the ShowHauler Factory. As many of you know, Izzy and I are VERY interested in a Super C for our next RV so this was a real treat to see how these powerhouses are constructed from start to finish. What amazing production and quality – they are definitely on our list for the future!

We concluded our stay with a few days at Pla-Mor Campground in Bremen, IN. This was a huge campground that we would definitely return to. The size of the campground was impressive, but the size of some of the sites was even more so. In our site, we could have easily fit 3 Nelli’s, it was so long! This was by far the largest site we have ever stayed in and would grab it in a heartbeat if we ever stayed in that area again.

This trip was one for the books. Having the opportunity to meet the Miller and Hochstetler families, visit RV dealers, get factory tours, enjoy the different foods of the area, stay in a new campground, and so much more made this trip extremely memorable and hard to leave. If you are looking for RV’s, RV service, RV parts, or anything to do with RV’s, this area is the place for you – you will not be disappointed and neither were we. If the Hershey show doesn’t happen in 2021 (which we really hope it does!), we wouldn’t hesitate in visiting Bremen, Indiana again and re-living the wonderful time we had in 2020!


June 25, 2020

As we enter full swing into the RV’ing season more and more people are hitting the road in their RV’s.  With so many new RV owners on the road we recently did a video review on RV TPMS systems.  In our video, we reviewed the two titans of the RV TPMS industry the TireMinder i10 and the TST 507.  Both systems will perform the necessary functions needed to safely monitor your RV tires while traveling and both units are well respected in the RV Industry.  So who would we recommend and what are we currently using on our Newmar?

The TST 507 has the following specs:

  • Reports pressure and temperature on 3.5 inch Color Monitor

  • Psi range from 1 to 218 psi

  • User replacement battery (installed out of the box)

  • Monitor can report up to 4 trailers/towables

  • Customize each axle for high and low alert parameters

  • Monitor auto-scrolls through each tire reporting PSI and Temp (22 tires max)

  • Up to 16 hour battery life on rechargeable internal monitor battery

  • Cap sensor, flow-through or internal sensors available

  • Cap Sensor is safe for rubber valve stems

  • 3 year warranty 

  • Price for 10 sensor cap unit $589.00 (amazon.com)

The TireMinder i10 has the following specs:

  • Reports pressure and temperature on 3.15 inch Color Monitor

  • Psi range from 1 to 199 psi (+/- 1psi)

  • User replacement battery (provided free by TireMinder through 2022)

  • Add and swap between 4 different vehicles

  • Preset high and low alert parameters

  • Monitor displays all tires updating every 6 seconds.  Up to 10 tires shown on screen at one time and up to 20 tires monitored.  Display will show Psi or Temp, however will always monitor both.

  • Up to 10 hour battery life on rechargeable internal monitor battery

  • Cap sensor or flow-through sensors avaiable

  • Cap sensor is safe for rubber valve stems

  • 3 year warranty 

  • Price for 10 sensor cap unit $399.99 with discount code EndlessRVing20 


We initially purchased our TST 507 in January 2020 at the Tampa RV Show.  We have used it for about 5 months prior to this review and it was a great unit which performed perfectly.  After speaking with Michael from Innovation Energy Group, we agreed to review the TireMinder i10 which is marketed as a direct competitor to the TST 507.  

Here is our opinion.  Both units are excellent.  They do an excellent job of monitoring psi, temperature, leak detection and can support multiple vehicle applications.  Both units have color screens although they display what they monitor differently.  Both units utilized either flow-through or cap sensors and the TST 507 offers the option for an internal sensor.  Both units give audible and visual warnings of any potential dangerous conditions they monitor for.  The TST 507 is more in-depth in setting up although it allows for more customizable monitoring parameters.  The TireMinder i10 is far easier to set up however has pre-set parameters that will trigger warnings for any potential dangerous conditions.  Both units have a 3 year warranty.

So here is our recommendation, coming in at $589.00 for the TST 507 vs $399.00 for the TireMinder i10, we do not believe the additional cost for the TST 507 is justified.  Both units monitor what is important for RV tire safety and do it very well.  Additionally, TireMinder offers free battery replacement though 2022, finally Michael from Innovation Energy Group offers excellent customer service and is very responsive with any questions customers have regarding the TireMinder.

So with the information we provided make sure to invest in a TPMS.  It could be the difference between safe RV travels and a dangerous tire blow-out.  We will link our full review below.

THE ERV Insiders - Up Close and Personal

April 27, 2020

Endless RVing has grown very quickly since our inception in June 2019. When we started the channel, we couldn’t fathom how it would take off and how many wonderful people we would encounter. We have created almost 200 videos and continue to strive to improve our channel in any way possible, including collaborating with other creators, taking online courses on YouTube creation, reading books, and more.

Something that is very important to us and has been from the beginning is our connection to the viewers. When we had 100, 500, or even 1000 subscribers it was very easy to respond to people quickly and form quick relationships with everyone and remember names, RV’s, locations, etc. We pride ourselves on answering every email, every YouTube comment, every Facebook and Instagram comment, and any other form of interaction that comes from viewers. We feel that if you take the time to read our posts, watch our videos, and engage with us, you deserve the right to an answer. We strive to do this even when we grow to be a much bigger channel.

However, this does become a little more challenging, although not impossible (we think!). This is what led us to develop the ERV Insiders. What is the ERV Insiders?

We recently received an email from YouTube explaining how they started offering memberships to certain channels. These memberships are a way for viewers to support creators that they enjoy and receive wonderful perks in exchange. We thought this would be an exciting way to keep the channel headed in the strong direction it has been going and be able to continue to build the up close and personal relationships with viewers who want that extra special touch. So..what do these memberships mean to you?

First, it means that ALL of our past and future videos will now and forever remain 100% FREE. Second, all memberships are completely optional and are meant for those who want a little extra from Endless RVing and would like to support the channel. We offer 3 tiers of membership – The BayStar, The Dutch Star, and The King Aire.

 Tier 1 – BayStar

  • Custom badge next your name in all comments, live streams, etc.

  • Custom emojis to use in live streams

  • Special member thank-you in all video descriptions

  • Occasional shout outs in live streams

 Tier 2 – Dutch Star

  • All of the above

  • Early access to all videos

  • Membership to private Facebook page

 Tier 3 – King Aire

  • All of the above

  • Exclusive monthly live streams (when we reach 5 of this tier)

  • ERV mug

  • Exclusive behind the scenes footage

  • Live stream shout outs

  • Access to bloopers, rough cuts, etc.. from videos

  • 10% donation to local animal rescue

We are extremely excited about this new venture and look forward to forming even closer relationships with subscribers. We want to welcome our two newest ERV Insiders – Don Bruder and Matt Cranford. They have already started receiving the great perks that come along with being an ERV Insider. If you have any questions about anything, you can always reach us at EndlessRVing@gmail.com. We thank ALL OF YOU for coming along on our journey and we would love to have you as a member of the ERV Insiders. Click below if you would like to join and we will see you on the road!!

Click here to join the ERV Insiders!

A Good Time To Be Part Time RVers

April 2, 2020

Turn on the TV or go on the internet lately and you will be bombarded with news of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has turned the world upside down. It is a very volatile time in our world and what is at the forefront of everyone’s mind is staying safe and healthy. It is scary, sad, and multitude of other emotions and certainly has changed the way people live their lives.

However, with all the negative that is occurring, there is plenty positive as well. We want to thank all law enforcement (Izzy and his brothers/sisters on the job), the military, first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers, supermarket workers, garbage men, and the list goes on and on. These people are the truly essential workers who put their lives on the line and keep things moving in the right direction during this challenging time to make things easier for the rest of us and we are eternally grateful.

This pandemic has affected so many areas of life, including RVing, as we know. Many full time RVers are scrambling to find a place to stay after being told to leave their campgrounds or state parks. We have many friends in the RV world and know this is a big struggle for them as they try to find their next stop and our hearts and prayers go out to all of them. This is one of the biggest challenges of full time RV’ing and is truly unprecedented. In the past, maybe a big weather event would have a large impact on full time RVers, but nothing has impacted the RV community like this has. Izzy and I have discussed on many occasions how excited we are to go full time upon retirement in about 5 years.

We can now say that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to do a complete 180 and we now have decided, at least at this point in time, that we will NOT be full-timing upon retirement. What we will do is purchase a small sticks and bricks and then RV for the majority of the time. We will be on the road for most months of the year traveling to all the places we can’t wait to see and don’t have time to visit now, but we will have that home to fall back on. 

We recently did a video collaboration with another YouTube channel, our friends Russ and Kerry from The Roads We Roam which is a very timely video to address our fears and the pros of either full time or part time RVing. We will link the videos below and we would love to hear from you and your thoughts on what is occurring in the world and your thoughts on full time vs. part time. Thank you as always for coming on our journey with us and we hope to see you on the road!

Endless RVing 2020 Camping Preview

March 16, 2020

So, we have entered 2020 and have begun preparation for another RV’ing season.  Notice we say RV’ing and not camping as we are more “glampers” than campers.  We started the season off early with our visit of the 2020 TAMPA/FLORIDA RV Super Show and wow was it amazing! Perfect weather, amazing RV’s and best of all we got to meet many RV’ers, YouTubers, and subscribers.  Thank you to everyone who approached us and let us know they are subscribers.  It makes the hard work of growing the Endless RVing YouTube Channel worth it when so many subscribers express their appreciation for the channel.

We have many trips planned for 2020.  In April, we had planned a 13 day trip to Nashville and we were very excited about this! Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled our trip. Of course, we are disappointed, but safety of ourselves and others is of utmost importance. We also have changed our July itinerary from traveling to London.  We will now be traveling on a nine day adventure to Orlando, Florida.  We are hoping to take in Universal and all Disney has to offer.  In between those two big road trips, we have numerous local weekend and extended weekend RV getaways along.  This year is also a big year for Jason as he is graduating grammar school and will be headed to a High School for Performing Arts.

In the fall, we will once again be at the Hershey RV Show.  We will be planning a meet and greet at the show so be sure to check the Meetup Section of the website for more details to follow.  As fall continues, we will travel north and attend the Travels with Delaney Meetup from October 9-12, 2020 at Smoke Rise Campground in Brandon, VT.  We are super excited to meet with Patrick and Patty from Travels with Delaney as well as other subscribers to our channels.  Finally, we will be closing out the RV Show season by attending the Wildwood RV Show (Wildwood, NJ) from October 22-25.  We hope to see some great RV’s and meet many of you.

Make sure to join us on all our adventures by following us on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook @endlessrving and as always WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!


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