How We Grew Our YouTube Channel to 10K Subscribers In ONE YEAR – YOU CAN LEARN TOO!

1. Have A Purpose
-Produce relevant content
-Provide helpful information to others
-We knew people didn’t care what we were eating or doing at 100 subs – we had to provide a service to help people
-We always strived to be ourselves – always upfront and honest

2. Growth
-Scrutinize everything we do and put out
-We have a detailed plan and goal for each video
-Each video, we tried to make it more concise which would hold viewers’ attention longer, increase retention and encourage YouTube to suggest our channel more
-We took classes to learn from the “experts” – these were extremely helpful and we learned a lot
-We always have a willingness to fail and learn from it

3. Connection With Viewers
-We are very grateful to all our viewers for the support and for watching all our videos
-We answer every YT comment, email, and social media comment and question we receive – we truly appreciate your watching and taking the time to comment
-We truly enjoy the interactions

4. What we Didn’t and Won’t Do
-Won’t use live streams to gain minutes or to replace actual content
-When live streaming, we always have a plan/topic and -don’t freestyle
-Didn’t ask people to run our playlists to gain more minutes – these are not true organic views – we wanted and still want to reach new people who will continue to watch our content because they want to because they find it enjoyable
-We won’t buy subs, likes, comments. Social Blade makes it very obvious as to what channels are growing organically

5. The Money Factor
-People who work hard and spend hours running a channel shouldn’t feel badly about being compensated for their hard work
-Our areas of income include YouTube, Amazon Affiliate Account, Vendor affiliates, sponsored products and videos, Endless RVing merchandise).
-Have increased our income dramatically making almost in one month what we made in our first 10 months of being monetized